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Satin Pants

Satin was a romantic fabric, dedicated to wedding gowns, bridesmaids’ dresses and formal wear. Satins were soft pinks and creamy whites, matching flowers and lace, and worthy of a bride, if not a queen. But then disco got a hold of it . . .

In the extravagance of the 70s, nothing was too tight, too bold, or too loud. When the miracle material, Lycra spandex, figured out a way to add a hint of stretch to super-shiny satin, the disco floor was forever grateful.

These skin-tight pants were painted on in a high-gloss finish that duelled with the disco ball’s glow in super-bright colours like fuchsia, emerald green and teal.

Paired with a strappy pair of platform heels, a sexy spandex bodysuit, and a slinky belt, satin pants couldn’t look any better if the fairy godmother herself poofed them onto you.

While you might not have been able to bump and hustle your way across the dance floor with ease, you looked dyno-mite! And really, that’s all that mattered.