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Ice Cream/Iced Lollies

Ice lollies and choc ices on sticks became a major market during the 1960s.

In the UK these were mostly produced by Walls and Lyons Maid. A never-ending supply of ‘with it’ names were now required, among them Fab, Kinky and Zoom.

BIG WIZ (Walls)

Bricks of ice cream coated in chocolate. The Lyons Maid variety came wrapped in gold-coloured wrappers.

COLA ROLA (Lyons Maid)

CONES (Lyons Maid/Walls)
The ones in a square cone with a big square slab of yellow ‘Cornish’ vanilla ice cream wrapped in paper. Usually found at the cinema.

A brown and green coloured Snocreme lolly, horizontally divided into two flavours – two-thirds chocolate and one-third peppermint. Cost 5p when released.

FAB (Lyons Maid)
Tri-coloured stripes with toffee inside and hundreds and thousands on the outside at the top – As advertised by Lady Penelope herself!


HEART (Walls)

HOP SCOTCH – (Walls)

Triangular blocks of flavoured ice. Technically a “frozen drink”. MORE

KINKY (Walls)
Ice cream on a stick covered in hundreds and thousands.



ORANGE MAID (Lyons Maid)
Erm . . . it was orange!

Wow . . . deja vu! See above.

ORBIT (Lyons Maid)
“The Big Ice Cream On A Stick”

Cola, pineapple and strawberry flavour (ooh yum!)

An ice-cream with a plastic “cone” with a ball of gum in the bottom. The gum was so thick that you needed the lungs of a champion marathon runner and the blowing skills of a Dutch hooker to get a bubble out of the stuff . . .

SEA JET (Lyons Maid)
An orange flavoured ice lolly shaped like a rocket (also Super Sea Jet with three flavours).

SKY RAY (Walls)
Like a rocket “With Four Great Flavour Stages”


SMASH (Lyons Maid)

SPLIT (Walls)
Strawberry or blackberry flavoured ice lolly with ice cream in the middle.

SEE “Jubblies” above

A purple coloured Cola flavoured water ice filled with strawberry flavoured water ice. The lolly had a “code stick” with stencil holes only showing part of each letter of a word punched in one end of the stick. Once the lolly had been eaten then other holes were revealed at the other end of the stick. When the two sets of stencil holes were marked in pen or pencil, a secret word appeared.

TOP TEN (Walls)
Ice cream on a stick coated in nutty chocolate.

Fruity ice lollies. Came in a variety of flavours such as lemonade, and also available in a chocolate topped version called (naturally enough) Choc Top Woppa.

ZOOM (Lyons Maid)
Red, yellow and green striped Ice lollies shaped like a rocket (and often featuring Joe 90 on the wrapper).