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Jubblies were incredibly unwieldy and unimaginative ice lollies. These “frozen drinks” (as they were officially known) were simply huge triangular lumps of flavoured ice.

You could get them in several different flavours, although the shops only ever seemed to stock orange, orange and orange. As far as Jubblies were concerned, oranges really were the only fruit.

One consumed a Jubbly by sucking on it until all the flavoured juice had been tapped, leaving you with a completely inedible chunk of ice the size of a small glacier.

This was generally disposed of in some nefarious manner such as lobbing it at something or putting it down the back of the shirt of someone you didn’t like (or indeed, secretly fancied).

Despite these issues, some powerful people tried Jubblies. The Queen famously had one in 1977. It was all over the papers.