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Show them you’re a Slimcea girl

You’re slimming. Cutting out things like bread. But you’ve got to keep fit. And that means eating proper meals.

Like Breakfast . . . it wouldn’t be a proper meal without toast. Nor would Tea without bread and jam. But this needn’t mean eating high-calorie bread that’s fattening. Not if you have your meals with Slimcea.

It’s real bread. Tasty bread. Yet slice for slice, Slimcea contains far less of those fattening calories than any other bread. And it also gives you more strength-building protein to help keep you fit.

In fact, each loaf contains as much protein as 3 large eggs. So come on . . . enjoy bread with your meals and guard your weight too. Switch to Slimcea!

One of the ‘slimmers breads’ which – like Nimble – relied on the premise that if you ate this bread you wouldn’t be fat. In fact, it would help “keep you slim – and fit”.

Slimcea girls do . . .!