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The British drink Tizer – the name originally came from “the appetizer” when it was launched in 1924 – had an indescribable taste (possibly cherry?) and was a massive seller in the seventies.

Relaunched in the 90s with the very grown-up but puke-inducing Tizer Ice (which included menthol, giving it the sensation of tasting cold, even at room temperature).

Other-flavoured versions were later manufactured, such as “Purple” and “Green” versions. There was also a brief “fruitz” variation of Tizer in 2004.

Tizer was rebranded in 2011 with a new logo and the slogan “The Great British Pop”.

Tizer’s exact recipe has never been made public, although a list of ingredients and nutritional data is given on the product’s packaging.

“You can tell it’s Tizer when your eyes are! Shut!” – Who writes this stuff?.