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Ted Bundy

American serial killer Theodore Robert Bundy was born on 24 November 1946 at the Elizabeth Lund Home for Unwed Mothers in Burlington, Vermont, and his grandparents tried to hide his illegitimacy by pretending that his mother was his sister.

The young Ted was known to torture animals, was obsessed with knives, and engaged in voyeurism.

Evidence suggests that Bundy began by killing a nine-year-old schoolmate, who disappeared when Bundy was 12.

Intelligent, charming and a natural leader, Bundy attended Stanford University, before moving to Washington State. There, he attacked a woman on 4 January 1974, battering her into a coma.

A month later he abducted and killed 21-year-old Lynda Ann Healy. Using fake ailments, to lure women to his aid, he went on to kill eight other women in the Northwest and was implicated in many unsolved cases.

Somehow, Ted managed to keep down a job, a girlfriend, and involvement in the Republican Party, even writing rape-prevention material and operating an anti-suicide line.

With pressure mounting in the Northwest, he moved to Salt Lake City to attend Law School, living in the college area.

He killed six girls in Utah, discarding them in the canyons. Bundy also travelled to Colorado, where three girls disappeared.

After a failed abduction in Utah, Bundy fled from a police roadblock after being stopped.

Captured and sentenced for attempted kidnapping, he was due for extradition to Colorado, before escaping via a ventilation shaft and fleeing to Florida.

In Florida, he again moved in college circles, killing two female students and assaulting three others. His last victim was a 12-year old girl.

Finally caught by a joint-state initiative, he was sentenced to death on three separate charges, although police speculate he killed 36 women in total.

After an unsuccessful attempt to avert death by offering to locate the bodies, he was executed on the 24th January 1989.