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Two Coreys, The

The Lost Boys (1987) was the film that brought together Corey Feldman and Corey Haim, and gave birth to “The Two Coreys”. The concept of the Two Coreys was a symbiotic, synergistic and, some would say, co-enabling relationship. This was a bromance decades before we’d even coined the term.

This formula told us that 2 x Corey ≠ Corey2, equalled some incredible megaforce that made us all think that they made scores of films together. They really only made three of note and merit: The Lost Boys, Licence to Drive and Dream a Little Dream – with a handful of others that never made it to mainstream consciousness, plus some cameos in the likes of Dickie Roberts: Former Child Star where they obviously take a dig at themselves.

There was, of course, the “reality” show The Two Coreys which only lasted two seasons because recovering addict Feldman allegedly couldn’t handle Haim’s drug use and brought it to an end in 2008.

Plagued by drug addiction since allegedly being introduced to marijuana on film sets around the time his career was taking off, Haim’s momentum of stardom gradually petered out as the 80s wrapped up.  He died on 10 March 2010. He was just 38 years old.