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Designed for use on model railway layouts, Arkitex sets (there were ten: five in O gauge and five in OO/HO gauge to match with Tri-ang railways and Spot-On cars) were for the construction of plastic skyscrapers and tower blocks, which were such familiar sights in the 1960s.

Yellow plastic girders and struts formed the skeleton to which were attached solid and glazed panels. There were even modest interior elements, like flights of stairs.

Arkitex was first produced by Tri-Ang (part of the Lines Brothers group) in 1959 and was manufactured in the company’s Belfast factory.

The range lasted for a decade until Lines took over Meccano, who by then owned Bayko and had developed its own construction toy called Cliki to combat Lego, which led to the demise of Arkitex.

Quite collectable today, it’s actually rather expensive when the bigger sets are considered.