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Beano, The

Anxious to repeat the success of their comic, The Dandy, Scottish publishing house DC Thomson introduced The Beano just 35 weeks later in July 1938.

It was practically a replica of the first comic and, again, proved a great success.

The front cover presented Big Eggo drawn by Dudley Dexter Watkins, who also drew The Beano’s first star, Lord Snooty, of Bunkerton Castle.

Within the pages of The Beano, you would also encounter Biffo the Bear (a walking, talking, big-eared furball whose adventures have enthralled since the Second World War); Minnie The Minx; her male counterpart Dennis the Menace – the crown prince of British comicdom – and his pet dog (Gnasher), pet pig (Rasher) and lifelong foe (Walter the Softy); the ageless reprobates of Bash Street High School, the Bash Street Kids; the aristocratic misadventures of the aforementioned Lord Snooty and his pals; Little Plum (a grotesquely stereotyped Native American boy); The Three Bears; The Nibblers; and Roger the Dodger – a youthful eleven or twelve-year-old who was the author of volume after volume of homemade ‘Dodge Books’ and diaries of every trick he had ever played to avoid getting out of an unpleasant situation (from going to the barber to shopping with his mother).

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