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Incredible Edibles

Mattel launched Incredible Edibles in 1967, promising “a collection of funny things to make and eat”.

The toy included a set of 8 circular metal molds into which a candy-like gel – called “Gobble-degoop” and available in six flavours: butterscotch, cherry, cinnamon, licorice, mint and root beer (and later, Raspberry and Tutti-Frutti) – was squeezed.

This was then placed in the circular Sooper-Gooper Oven – a small covered hotplate in the shape of a buck-toothed face – and baked into a rubbery soft gummy candy (“SUGARLESS!”) in the shape of Bug Bites, Fabulous Frogs, Fancy Flowers, Funny Fruit, Gourmet Goldfish, Luscious Lizards, Sweet Snakes and Ginger-men, as well as butterflies, octopi, skull-and-crossbones, cats and a haunted mansion.

A later toy (Kooky Kakes) provided the means to bake small cakes in the Makery-Bakery Oven (pictured below) and decorate them with arms, legs, and faces.

The “Incredible Edibles” formula was created by chemist Don Lusk.