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Raleigh Burner

Raleigh debuted their Burner BMX bike in 1982 and followed on with numerous models, including the Super Tuff Burner, which featured the five-spoke plastic ‘Mag’ wheels that are still seen on BMX bikes today.

Before the Burner came along, nobody thought you could ride through the woods or muddy parks. You had to ride around them.

But with this bike, Raleigh changed the game. Kids started building jumps and holding epic skid competitions down at the local rec.

They rode wherever they wanted to, and they had a lot of fun doing it. By 1984, Raleigh had sold over 500,000 Burners, making it the most successful BMX bike ever. 1984 was also the year the MK2 Burner was introduced with 13 new models.

In 1985 Raleigh signed the UK’s premier BMX racer Andy Ruffell to Team Raleigh and went on to dominate British BMX. Team rider Craig Schofield also took out the world #1 title in Whistler, Canada.

With mainstream BMX dying off in 1987, the Burner was discontinued in 1988.

The most sought-after model amongst collectors and aficionados is probably the Team Aero Pro Burner which was a hit with BMX riders all around Britain.

Raleigh produced 350 reproductions in 2017 to celebrate the 35th-anniversary with a  £500 RRP (pictured at right).

They already sell second-hand for over £1,000.