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“The Trik is in the Trak”

Trik-Trak (from Transogram) was beautiful in its simplicity, and an endless variety of layouts were possible, limited only by imagination and the number of plastic corners you had.

triktrak3Battery operated 6¼ inch plastic racing cars whizzed over the floor following any course that you set up, guided by pieces of side-walled disconnected track (corners, bridges and such).

A course could be set up all through the house and the racing car would follow regardless of size or shape with no electrical connections. You could even change the course while the car was in motion.

The basic set included 7 curved and 2 straight tracks with “clip-on scenic backdrops” and one car. Battery not included*

A ‘Dare Devil’ set contained 3 long and 2 short straights, 7 curves, 3 gradient supports, a tunnel, a bridge, two cars and some “triks”, including the ‘Wall Of Logs’ trik, the ‘Somersault Flip’ trik and the ‘Exploding House’ trik.