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Bond Bug

Reliant commissioned Ogle (their design consultants) to produce a sports 3-wheeler for the “young generation”. This was to be sold under the Bond name as the “Bond Bug”.

Introduced in June 1970, the early Bond Bugs were manufactured at the Bond factory in Preston but shortly afterwards when the factory closed, Bug production was moved over to Reliant at Tamworth.

The Bond Bug used all the mechanics of a Reliant Regal including the 700cc water-cooled engine.

The only non-Regal part was the coil spring suspension at the rear of the car, instead of the Regal’s telescopic damper.

The Bug featured a complete fibreglass body in a futuristic wedge shape that had a lift up front canopy that incorporated the side windows and allowed access to the vehicle.

Every Bug made was painted bright orange with black seats and trim.

The Bond Bug, however, was not as successful as Reliant had hoped and so – after some 2,268 vehicles were built – manufacture stopped in 1974, and the Bond name came to an end.

Although Bond is mainly known for its range of 3-wheeler vehicles it had also made a Bond “Sea Ranger” speedboat in 1960, a 4-wheeler Sports car in 1963 (the Bond Equipe), and Bond P1 – P4 scooters from 1957.

Interestingly many parts from the Bond 3-wheelers were used to make the scooters.