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My Little Margie

1 9 5 2 – 1 9 5 5 (USA)
126 x 30 minute episodes

Gale Storm was another comedienne who cast herself in Lucille Ball’s mould. She starred in the title role as the rubber-faced, slapstick-prone daughter of widower Vernon Albright (Charles Farrell).

Vern tried in vain to control his attractive and willful daughter, while she constantly worked to transform him into a sedentary father figure instead of the flirtatious ladies’ man he was.

Each episode featured the stars’ framed photo’s on a bureau, each coming to life and explaining to viewers that “I’ve got a problem . . . believe me, I’ve got a problem”.

My Little Margie ran from June 1952 until 1955 and was syndicated for years thereafter.

Oddly, the programme was one of the few television shows that spawned a radio spin-off. It ran concurrent to the TV show with the same actors but different scripts.

Gale Storm went on to star in the sitcom Oh! Susanna from 1956 to 1962.

Charles Farrell had been a hero of the silent screen and after My Little Margie served as mayor of Palm Springs, California.

Margie Albright 
Gale Storm
Vernon Albright 

Charles Farrell
George Honeywell 

Clarence Kolb
Freddie Wilson 

Don Hayden

Dian Fauntelle

Willie Best