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My Two Dads

1 9 8 7 – 1 9 9 0 (USA)
60 x 30 minute episodes

An NBC sitcom starring Greg Evigan (from BJ and The Bear) and Paul Reiser (who went on to far greater things with Mad About You). The duo played long-term buddies Joey Harris and Michael Taylor.

13-years previously, Joey and Michael had both had an affair with Marcia Bradford at the same time but she had parted with each of them as enemies.

When Marcia died, Michael and Joey were appointed legal guardians of her 12-year-old daughter Nicole. One of the two is her true biological father, but neither know which. Pre-DNA testing days, obviously.

Putting their obvious lifestyle differences aside, the two men moved into Joey’s artist flat (filled with campy Pop Art) and set about child-rearing by comic compromise.

Keeping an eye on things was Judge Wilbur (Florence Stanley), the sarcastic judge who had awarded them custody and who also happened to own the building they lived in.

Awkward Cory (Vonni Ribisi) and handsome Zack (Chad Allen) were Nicole’s boyfriends, and Shelby (Amy Hathaway) her worldly best friend. Klawicki (Dick Butkos) ran the local diner.

Michael Taylor 
Paul Reiser
Joey Harris 

Greg Evigan
Nicole Bradford 

Staci Keanan
Judge Margaret Wilbur 

Florence Stanley
Zack Nichols 

Chad Allen
Ed Klawicki 

Dick Butkos
Cory Kupkus 

Vonni Ribisi
Shelby Haskell 

Amy Hathaway
Don Yesso