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BJ and the Bear

1 9 7 9 – 1 9 8 1 (USA)
48 x 60 minute episodes

Billie Joe (BJ) McKay was a good-looking young independent trucker who travelled around America in his big red and white rig, with a single companion – his pet chimp, called (naturally enough?) Bear.

bj&bear_003BJ hailed from rural Georgia and was constantly confronted by a succession of corrupt local sheriffs – Elroy P. Lobo (Claude Akins) who was later given his own series; Sergeant Beauregard Wiley of Winslow County (Slim Pickens) and his two fellow lawmen, Sheriffs Cain (Ed Lauter) and Masters (Richard Deacon).

The only honest cop BJ found was ‘The Fox’ (Conchata Ferrell), who spent much of her time trying to trap the crooked local cops.

Tommy (Janet Louise Johnson) was a female trucker friend and Bullets (Joshua Shelley) ran the local hangout, the Country Comfort Truck Stop.

In 1981, BJ opened a new trucking business in Los Angeles called Bear Enterprises. His new adversary was Rutherford T. Grant (Murray Hamilton), a corrupt politician who headed the state Special Crimes Action Team (SCAT? Really?).

Grant was also a silent partner in TransCal – the largest trucking firm in California – and stopped at nothing to stomp out potential competition.

Because of Grant’s intervention, BJ found it impossible to get regular truck drivers to work for him and had to “make do” with a crew of seven young, beautiful lady truckers (like you do!), including Teri and Geri – a pair of identical twins played by identical twins Candi and Randi (ahem) Brough – and Grant’s daughter, Cindy (Sherilyn Wolter).

128BJ (Billie Joe) McKay
Greg Evigan
Sheriff Elroy P. Lobo

Claude Akins
Deputy Perkins

Mills Watson
Sheriff Masters

Richard Deacon
Sheriff Cain

Ed Lauter
Sgt. Beauregard Wiley

Slim Pickens
Wilhelmina “The Fox” Johnson

Conchata Ferrell
Deputy Higgins

Otto Felix

Janet Louise Johnson

Joshua Shelley
Rutherford T. Grant

Murray Hamilton
Lieutenant Jim Steiger

Eric Server

Judy Landers

Linda McCullough

Barbara Horan
Teri Garrison

Candi Brough
Geri Garrison

Randi Brough
Cindy Grant

Sherilyn Wolter
Angie Cartwright

Sheila DeWindt