Home Television Drama Crane


1 9 6 2 – 1 9 6 5 (UK)
39 x 55 minute episodes

Richard Crane (Patrick Allen, pictured at right) gave up his day job, bought himself a boat and moved to Casablanca to run a café – with a bit of smuggling on the side for pocket money!

Just to make life even more perfect, a gorgeous exotic dancer called Halima (Laya Raki) looked after the caff whenever he was away at sea doing a spot of the old “import/export” with his ‘business’ partner, ex-French Foreign Legionnaire Orlando O’Connor (Sam Kydd).

Fortunately, Moroccan Chief of Police, Mahmoud (Gerald Flood) was always on hand, just to make sure it wasn’t completely beer and skittles for Crane – although there were times when the two men joined forces to work against ‘proper’ criminals.

Sam Kydd took his character into a spin-off children’s series, simply called Orlando, in 1965 – because you know that kiddies can just never have enough smuggling!

Richard Crane 
Patrick Allen
Orlando O’Connor 

Sam Kydd

Laya Raki
Colonel Mahmoud 

Gerald Flood