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Magician, The

1 9 7 3 – 1 9 7 4 (USA)
24 x 60 minute episodes

Wealthy magician Anthony Blake (Bill Bixby) drives a Corvette, lives in a Boeing 720 jet, and uses his talents as an illusionist and escape artist to help people in need.


Blake’s friend Max Pomeroy (a syndicated columnist) describes him as “one of the few individuals in this age of numbness, who can still regard the suffering of a fellow human being as his own.”

Blake is motivated to help because he had once been falsely imprisoned in South America for espionage.

And just how can a magician actually foil the bad guys?


Blake regularly slipped out of handcuffs, made guns vanish into thin air and threw flash powder in attacker’s eyes. Apparently, Bixby trained as an actual magician and vowed that all the tricks shown on the programme were authentic.

The character of Anthony Blake was named Anthony Dorian in the feature-length pilot.

Anthony Blake 
Bill Bixby
Max Pomeroy 

Keene Curtis
Dennis Pomeroy 

Todd Crespi
Jerry Anderson 

Jim Watkins