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1 9 7 8 – 1 9 8 2 (UK)
32 x 60 minute episodes

Detective Sergeant George Bulman (Don Henderson) and Detective Constable Derek Willis (Dennis Blanch) were CID officers who were drafted into a Northern police force to form a new team called ‘Unit 23’ in this series from Granada Television. Their brief was to infiltrate areas of crime where local detectives might be recognised.

DS Bulman and DC Willis had first appeared in the series The XYY Man, where they had pursued Spider Scott ruthlessly.

In early episodes, the pair were teamed up with Woman Detective Constable Linda Doran (Frances Tomelty) – a combat expert. She was replaced in the second series by WDC Bennett (Fiona Mollison).

In series three the group were assigned to the ‘Inter-City Squad’ and DC Willis was promoted to Detective Sergeant. The assignments now were nationwide, and by The Moscow Subway Murders, George Bulman has also earned a promotion – to Detective Chief Inspector.

Later episodes found Bulman and his team taking orders from Detective Chief Superintendent Lambie, played by future Taggart star Mark McManus.

The further adventures of George Bulman formed the basis for a further follow-up series, simply titled Bulman (1985 – 1987).

DS/DCI George Bulman
Don Henderson
DS Singer

John Ronane
DC/DS Derek Willis

Dennis Blanch
WDC Linda Doran

Frances Tomelty
WDC Frances Bennett

Fiona Mollison
DCS Lambie

Mark McManus
Bill Dugdale

Thorley Walters