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Abigail and Roger

1 9 5 6 (UK)
9 x 20 minute episodes

The comedy adventures of an engaged couple living separately (this was the 1950s) in London’s bedsitter land, with the humour arising from their differing attitudes to life.

Shorthand typist Abigail (Julie Webb) was an outspoken and capable individual who could cook, drive a car, mend a fuse and so on, and whose boundless enthusiasm meant that she took up good causes at the drop of a hat.

Roger (David Drummond) was a more stolid type who worked in the City, had fixed views on the economy and was into keeping fit and planning for their future.

The series was originally intended to run for 13 weeks as a summer replacement for the BBCs popular soap opera The Grove Family but aired for only nine weeks.

Julie Webb
David Drummond
Rosina Enright
John Stone
Mrs Moloch
Grace Denbeigh-Russell