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Adventures of Dr Fu Manchu, The

1 9 5 6 (USA)
13 x 30 minute episodes

Dr Fu Manchu (Glen Gordon), evil genius and possessor of seemingly unlimited financial resources, has pledged to bring about the downfall of western civilisation to avenge unknown wrongs of the past.

Only Sir Dennis Nayland-Smith of Scotland Yard (Lester Matthews) is able to thwart his evil plans.

Operating from Macau and other points in the Orient, Dr Fu sent his agents out each week on missions of subversion, such as extorting secret information from an American diplomat, waging germ warfare, undermining the US currency, or subverting a peace conference. On the side, he engaged in smuggling and other criminal activities.

The highlight was Laurette Luez’s performance as Fu Manchu’s beautiful but deadly female assistant, Karamaneh.

The series was made by the television arm of Republic Pictures. The budgets were obviously minimal and production values were low. The series apparently came to a premature end after only 13 episodes due to legal wrangles.

Dr Fu Manchu
Glen Gordon
Sir Dennis Nayland Smith
Lester Matthews
Dr John ‘Jack’ Petrie
Clark Howat
Betty Leonard
Carla Balenda
Laurette Luez
John George