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Adventures of a Jungle Boy

1 9 5 7  (UK)
13 x 30 minute episodes

The exploits of Boy (Michael Carr Hartley), the young, orphaned survivor of an aeroplane crash, as he and Dr Lawrence (Ronald Adam), a research scientist, battle the sinister forces of evil.

The producers of Jungle Boy were searching for some time for a youngster to play the title role in the planned series who could handle the animals he would have to co-star with.

It was whilst searching locations in East Africa that one of the producers came across Michael Carr Hartley, the fourteen-year-old son of a famous naturalist and wild animal handler.

Young Michael, who had lived in Kenya all his life, was riding on the back of a rare white rhinoceros when first noticed.

The understanding that Michael had with the animals made him a natural for the role of the boy who grows up in the wilds as an orphan when the rest of his family is killed in a plane crash.

Filmed entirely on location in Kenya, East Africa.

Jungle Boy
Michael Carr Hartley
Dr Lawrence
Ronald Adam


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