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Adventures of Ben Gunn, The

1 9 5 8 (UK)
6 x 30 minute episodes

This series for children used the biggest film location devised to date by BBC Television, for the scenes on board ship.

The “pre-sequel” to Treasure Island followed Ben Gunn from boy to pirate and was narrated by Jim Hawkins (John H. Watson).

Ben met parson’s son Nick Allardyce (Richard Coleman) and the pair headed to sea for adventure.

The series showed their meeting with John Silver – as a young man – and others from Treasure Island and revealed how Silver lost his leg and how Nick ended his days as the pointing skeleton discovered by the treasure hunting party at the conclusion of Treasure Island.

John Moffatt starred as Ben Gunn with Peter Wyngarde as John Silver (both pictured at right). The series was broadcast live from Ealing Studios

Ben Gunn
John Moffatt
John Silver
Peter Wyngarde
Captain Flint
Rupert Davies
Ben Gunn as an old man
Meadows White
Jim Hawkins
John H. Watson
Nick Allardyce
Richard Coleman
Gabriel Pew
Nigel Arkwright
Israel Hands
Sean Lynch
Black Dog
Gertan Klauber
Rodney Burke
Tom Morgan
Neil Hallett
Terry Baker
Billy Bones
Olaf Pooley
Darby Magraw
Michael Corcoran
Big Prosper
Ayton Medas
Basil Hoskins
Sergeant Hoxton
Peter Vaughan
Private Barnes
John Barrett
Captain Ayrton
Anthony Harrison
Jabez Patmore
Gordon Gostelow
Gunn Senior
Richard Hayter
Ivor Salter
Dulcie Allardyce
Anthea Wyndham
Parson Allardyce
Frank Crawshaw
Dai Roberts
Trefor Jones
Captain Le Bon
Garard Green
George Merry
Vincent Goodman


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