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Adventures of Spin and Marty, The

1 9 5 5 (USA)
25 x 15 minute episodes

Spin and Marty started out as an 11-minute segment on the Mickey Mouse Club in 1955 and proved so popular that it ran for two seasons and spawned two remakes, a movie and a lot of comic books.

Tim Considine was Spin Evans, a poor but popular kid who spent his summer at the Triple R Ranch. David Stollery was Marty Markham, a spoiled and over-protected rich orphan from the city.

These unlikely ranch mates eventually became best friends and helped solve all kinds of situations on the ranch. Annette Funicello joined the cast in the second season.

Spin Evans
Tim Considine
Martin “Marty” Markham
David Stollery
Colonel Logan
Roy Barcroft
Bill Burnett
Harry Carey Jr
Leonard Geer
Russell the Muscle
Dee Aaker
J Pat O’Malley
B.G. Norman
Tim Hartnagel