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Adventures in Paradise

1 9 5 9 – 1 9 6 2 (USA)
91 x 60 minute episodes

Created by James Michener, this black & white action-adventure series from ABC recounted the exploits of Adam Troy (Gardner McKay), a graduate of Yale University (class of ’54 and a member of the Omega fraternity) and a Korean War veteran, now working as a freelancer on his own 60-foot schooner – the Tiki – out of Papeete, Tahiti.

Troy became involved in all kinds of adventures featuring fortune hunters and smugglers – as well as a bevvy of beautiful Tahitian women. He also had a number of first mates during the series including Tennessee-born Clay Baker (James Holden), Chris Parker (Guy Stockwell) and a Chinese-American called Oliver Wendell Kee (Weaver Levy).


When Chris signed on, Clay became the innkeeper of the Bali Miki, a hotel originally owned by Trader Penrose (George Tobias). Clay renamed the inn the Bali Miki Baker and was famous for two exotic drinks he concocted: ‘Tahitian Madness’ and the ‘Polynesian Rainmaker’ – “two of these and you’ll swear it rained”.

From the moment the tall, dark and handsome McKay appeared on TV in this weekly adventure, females all over the United States knew that they were going to enjoy just looking at him as much as their husbands and boyfriends would enjoy the show’s fast-paced action.

Whenever Adam Troy needed assistance from the police, Inspector Marcel Bouchard (Marcel Hillaire) of the Tahitian Policia was most often there to help him. Other regular characters included Kelly (Lani Kai) – who was the lounge singer at the Bali Miki – and Bulldog Lovey (Henry Slate).

Although the series was set in the South Pacific it was filmed on the backlot of 20th Century-Fox.

Following the cancellation of the series, McKay turned his back on show business to travel the world. He eventually became a playwright, drama critic and teacher and died early in 2002, aged 69.

Captain Adam Troy
Gardner McKay
Clay Baker 

James Holden
Oliver Wendell Kee

Weaver Levy
Chris Parker

Guy Stockwell

Linda Lawson

Lani Kai
Bulldog Lovey 

Henry Slate
Sondi Sodsai
Trader Penrose
George Tobias
Inspector Marcel Bouchard

Marcel Hillaire