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All Your Own

1 9 5 2 – 1 9 6 1 (UK)

Introduced by Huw Wheldon (later to become BBC Director of Television) and frequently produced by a young Cliff Michelmore, All Your Own gave children the opportunity to display their own individual skills and talents or discuss their hobbies and pastimes.

The show guided a young guitarist by the name of John Williams on his first step to stardom, and it did the same for The King Brothers, a popular middle-of-the-road group from the 1960s.

allyourown_jimmypageFuture Led Zeppelin guitar maestro Jimmy Page was also a youthful guest (pictured at right).

One guest who did not, however, enjoy a fruitful – or, indeed, lengthy – career was a pet mouse brought along by a schoolboy in company with the lad’s other pet, an eagle.

While Wheldon was enthusing about how amazing it was that in the wild the mouse would be the eagle’s natural prey yet in captivity they were the best of friends, the eagle let his instincts get the better of him and suddenly swooped from his studio perch and ate the mouse.

Wheldon also once casually leant on a harpsichord made entirely out of matchsticks by a child and reduced it to ruins. He commented, “I’m sure you can stick it back together again”.

Ah, well . . . that’s show business!

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