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1 9 5 5 (UK)
7 x 30 minute episodes

This short black & white series from Associated-Rediffusion starred Marcia Manolescue as Barbie, the daughter of a famous conductor who is away on a world tour.

Barbie goes to temporarily live with her cousins, Laurel (Kika Markham) and Simon (Jonathan Swift), and her uncle (David Markham), a rector, at their home in the country.

Barbie becomes fond of her cousins and even gets used to school, but she longs passionately for music lessons from a really good teacher, as her one ambition is to be a great violinist.

Miss Fothergill (Zena Dare), a wealthy and kind-hearted local music-lover, gets Barbie an audition in London with M. Morisot (Jacques B. Brunius), a friend of the master Vascoletti, and it seems likely for a while that he will accept Barbie as a pupil in Paris.

When that opportunity fails to materialise, (Vascoletti is not accepting any pupils) Miss Fothergill arranges for Barbie to give a professional concert in London, and though Barbie feels unready for it, Miss Fothergill, Barbie, Laurel and Simon make the journey to London to arrange it.

The series – directed by Hazel Wilkinson – was adapted from a book by Kitty Barne.

Marcia Manolescue
Miss Fothergill
Zena Dare
Kika Markham
Jonathan Swift
David Markham
Mrs Port
Pearl Dadswell
Mr Studholme
Anthony Jacobs
Miss McGinty
Eileen Way
Mrs Grey
Gwynne Whitby
Captain Andrews
Jack Allen
Mr Morrisot
Jacques B. Brunius
Barbie’s Father
Kenneth Evans