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Big Town

1 9 5 0 – 1 9 5 6 (USA)
249 x 30 minute episodes

This long-running melodrama, set in Big Town USA, related the story-gathering assignments of Steve Wilson and Lorelei Kilbourne, reporters for The Illustrated Press – the largest and most influential newspaper in Big Town.

Although Steve was the intrepid crime reporter and Lorelei the society reporter, both often became involved in the same story as society and scandal (and murder) often walked hand-in-hand.

Steve’s concerns were thwarting the spread of organised crime, exposing political corruption, establishing various types of reforms, and any other case that seemed worthy.

The series, based on the radio show of the same title (1937 – 1948), ran on CBS from October 1950 to September 1954 and on NBC from October 1954 to October 1956.

In April 1952, production moved from New York to Hollywood and Big Town thereafter became a recorded rather than live show.

Patrick McVey portrayed Steve Wilson throughout the CBS run, but Lorelei Kilbourne’s face kept changing. After the end of the first season on NBC, her part was dropped completely from the show and Steve’s love interest became Diane Walker, a commercial artist (Doe Avedon).

City editor Charlie Anderson (Barry Kelly) was also added as a regular cast member by NBC, as was ambitious young cub reporter, ‘Rush’ (Lyn Stalmaster).

The series has been syndicated under the titles: Byline Steve Wilson; City Assignment; Crime Reporter; Headline Story; and Heart of the City.

Steve Wilson
Patrick McVey (1)
Mark Stevens (2)
Lorelei Kilbourne
Margaret Hayes (1)
Mary K. Wells (2)
Jane Nigh (3)
Beverly Tyler (4)
Trudy Wroe (5)
Julie Stevens (6)
Diane Walker
Doe Avedon
Charlie Anderson
Barry Kelly
Lyn Stalmaster
Lt. Tom Gregory
John Doucette