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Boss Lady

1 9 5 2 (USA)
12 x 30 minute episodes

Gwen F. Allen (Lynn Bari) was the beautiful CEO of a highly successful construction firm, Hillendale Homes, in California.

Her two major problems, around which most of the stories were based, were finding a general manager who would not fall in love with her and maintaining her well-intentioned but inept father (Glenn Langan) in his position as chairman of the board.

In this pre–Women’s Lib era, Gwen struggled to cope with and overcome the problems of the male-dominated field.

Jeff Standish (Nicholas Joy) was Gwen’s general manager; Chester (Charles Smith) was Gwen’s brother; Aggie (Lee Patrick) was Gwen’s secretary; and Roger (Richard Gaines) was Gwen’s attorney.

This summer replacement series, which produced 12 episodes, aired from July 1952 to September 1952. In markets where a DuMont station did not exist, the series aired on local NBC stations.

Gwen F. Allen
Lynn Bari
Jeff Standish
Nicholas Joy
Gwen’s Father
Glenn Langan
Chester Allen
Charles Smith
Lee Patrick
Richard Gaines