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Brighter Day, The

1 9 5 4 – 1 9 6 2 (USA)
1830 x 15/25 minute episodes

This long-running CBS daytime serial (read soap opera) revolved around Reverend Richard Dennis (Blair Davies, except for a brief time in 1954 when the role was played by William Smith) – who lived and worked in the small Midwestern town of New Hope – and his sprawling family, including his five children – notably aspiring actress daughter Althea (Jayne Heller) and alcoholic son Grayling (Hal Holbrook) – and his sister, Emily (Mona Bruns).

Many scenes showed Aunt Emily either leaving for the kitchen or bringing in something from the kitchen. But there was never a scene actually in the kitchen – because there wasn’t a kitchen set, which became a standing gag with Mona Bruns and other members of the cast.

Several regular characters were written out of the show in 1961 when production moved from New York to Hollywood.

“Our years are as the falling leaves. We live, we love, we dream, and then we go. But somehow, we keep hoping that our dreams come true on that brighter day.”

Reverend Richard Dennis
Blair Davies
William Smith
Aunt Emily Potter
Mona Bruns
Babby Dennis
Mary Linn Beller
Grayling Dennis
Hal Holbrook
Althea Dennis Bigby
Jayne Heller
Patsy Dennis
June Dayton
Sandra Talbot Dennis
Gloria Hoye
Ellen Dennis
Patty Duke
Vince Adams
Forrest Compton
Mrs Jarrett
Abby Lewis
Crystal Carpenter
Vivian Dorsett
Del Hughes
Larry Ward