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Bury Your Hatchet

1 9 5 7 (UK)
7 x 25 minute episodes

A couple would air their grievances on camera and then compete to beat their partner, with the loser then having to pledge to give up their annoying habit for six months, with scrolls being signed to that effect.

The loser was also given a miniature hatchet with instructions to “bury it” (preferably not in the back of the other contestant).

Each episode featured three couples with an end-game featuring a celebrity couple who had to correctly identify five famous people from photographs of the top halves of their heads.

Each correct answer added £20 to the prize fund, so the jackpot could be up to £100. This was then awarded to one of the six contestants (who were sat on numbered chairs) when the celebrity guests drew numbered cards from a pack.

Quite possibly the worst game show of all time . . .

Starred Bob Monkhouse, Denis Goodwin and Phyllis Foster.