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Californians, The

1 9 5 7 – 1 9 5 9 (USA)

The Gold Rush days of old San Francisco in the 1850s are the setting. The call of “there’s gold in them thar hills” brought both the honest prospectors and pioneers and a group of corrupt Australians who managed to gain control of the city.

One such pioneer was Dion Patrick (Adam Kennedy), a crusading reporter and newspaper editor for the California Star – run by newspaperman Sam Brennan (Herbert Rudley) –  who established the Vigilante Committee of San Francisco as a means to uphold law and order.

After 22 episodes, Dion Patrick was written out and replaced by Matt Wayne (Richard Coogan), a gentleman from Philadelphia who opens a gambling hall and is later elected marshal by the townspeople.

When the second season began, Matt relinquishes his gambling hall to become a full-time law enforcer (the idea of a marshal who owned a gambling hall bothered the city fathers).

Matt turns over the title of the gambling hall to young widow Wilma Fansler (Carole Mathews), the girl who previously ran the games of chance for Matt, and attorney Jeremy Pitt (Art Fleming) – a rugged gentleman lawyer with a practice in San Francisco.

Jack McGivern (Sean McClory) is the owner of McGivern’s General Store; Martha McGivern (Nan Leslie) is Jack’s wife.

Dion Patrick
Adam Kennedy
Jack McGivern
Sean McClory
Martha McGivern
Nan Leslie
Marshal Matt Wayne
Richard Coogan
Wilma Fansler
Carole Mathews
R. Jeremy Pitt
Art Fleming
Sam Brennan
Herbert Rudley