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Calling All Boys

1 9 5 6 (UK)
7 x 30 minute episodes

Debuting on Monday 9 April 1956, this weekly educational children’s adventure series was written by Newton Branch and based on his Bulldog book, Calling All Boys To Spot Criminals.

The boys in question – Bill (Fella Edmonds), Dan (Glyn Dearman), Phil (Michael Maguire), Mike (Jonathan Swift) and Bash (Leo Phillips) – learned from Bill’s dad, Inspector Hawke (Alan Robinson), about the intricacies of detective work: how to trail suspects, dab for fingerprints, make plaster casts of footprints and use disguise effectively in the pursuit of criminals – in this case, Mr X (Ian Hendry).

Bill’s ‘Special Investigation Squad’ learned how to make deductions based on personal observation backed by scientific proof – not on flashy guesswork or brilliant hunches.

Fella Edmonds
Michael Maguire
Glyn Dearman
Jonathan Swift
Leo Phillips
Inspector Hawke
Alan Robinson
Inspector Blake
Ralph Nossek
Constable Smith
Ronald Wood
Mr X
Ian Hendry
Michael Corcoran
The Kid
John Sherlock