Home Television Drama Cannonball


1 9 5 8 – 1 9 5 9 (Canada)
39 x 30 minute episodes

This joint Canadian/UK production featured the adventures of two truckers – “Cannonball” Mike Malone (Paul Birch) and Jerry Austin (William Campbell) – who hauled freight on the highways of Canada and the USA for the fictitious C&A Transport Company Ltd, in a similar format to the later – and more successful – Route 66.


Occasionally seen were Mike’s wife, Mary (Beth Lockerbie), his kids Butch (Steve Barringer) and Ginny (Beth Morris) and dispatcher Harry Butler (Howard Milsom).

In the final episode, Mike deliberately flunks his annual medical so he can no longer drive trucks, thereby freeing his partner Jerry up to go back and finish college.

The Cannonball concept was revived in 1974 for the short-lived American series Movin’ On, starring Claude Akins and Frank Converse.

Barrelin’ down the highway, Wheelin’ right along
Hear the tyres hummin’, Hummin’ out a song
The rumble of the diesel, The shiftin’ of the gears
The rhythm when he’s rollin’, It’s music to his ears
Cannonball!, Cannonball!

Any kind of weather, Any time of day
When the rig is ready, He’ll be on his way
He’ll carry any cargo, He’ll go anywhere
Name the destination, And brother he’ll be there
Cannonball!, Cannonball!


“Cannonball” Mike Malone
Paul Birch
Jerry Austin

William Campbell
Mary Malone
Beth Lockerbie
Harry Butler
Howard Milsom 
Butch Malone

Steve Barringer 
Ginny Malone

Beth Morris