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Castle and Sixpence, A

1 9 5 4 (UK)
6 x episodes

Widowed Mrs Martingale (Cicely Walper) and her four children – Petronella (Elizabeth Saunders), Nicholas (Wilfred Downing), Dinah (Caroline Denzil) and Benjamin (Colin Gibson) –  inherit a castle in the will of an elderly relative.

When they move in they find dear old Miss Button (Evelyn Moore), the housekeeper, a whole host of cats and, odder still, a boy called Christopher Sixpence (William Simons). What is he doing there?

The Martingale children’s exciting new life exploring the castle may soon come to an end should Mr Neatsfoot (Tony Van Bridge) have his way. The eccentric poet who lives in the nearby village lays claim to the castle and plots to have them thrown out.

The BBC series was based on a novel by Margaret J Baker.

Mrs Martingale
Cicely Walper
Elizabeth Saunders
Wilfred Downing
Caroline Denzil
Colin Gibson
Miss Button
Evelyn Moore
Christopher Sixpence
William Simons
Mr Neatsfoot
Tony Van Bridge
Dr Jones
Kenneth Edwards