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Caxton’s Tales

1 9 5 8 (UK)
5 x 30 minute episodes

Wilfred Caxton (Wilfred Pickles in his first television comedy series) was a printer who specialised in greetings cards with verses written by his assistant Miss Brearley (Evelyn Lund).

Other characters in the BBC series included Wilfred’s wife Mabel (Mabel Pickles), daughter Sally (Mary Webster), young Willie (Peter Hodgson) and Charlie Haskell (Richard Curnock).

Broadcast of the series was delayed for a month by the BBC, which felt that scripts and rehearsals were not sufficiently advanced to debut as planned at Christmas 1957. The series debuted instead on Friday 24 January 1958.

Wilfred Caxton
Wilfred Pickles
Mabel Caxton
Mabel Pickles
Sally Caxton
Mary Webster
Peter Hodgson
Miss Brearley
Evelyn Lund
Charlie Haskell
Richard Curnock
Sam Widgeon
Allan Bracewell