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Champion The Wonder Horse

1 9 5 5 – 1 9 5 6 
26 x 26 minute episodes

The talented exploits of Champion were originally aired in the USA as The Adventures Of Champion where the titular stallion befriended 12-year-old Ricky North in the Texas of the 1880s.

Although Ricky – who lived on his Uncle Sandy’s ranch – had a peculiar penchant for trouble, he was always rescued by the white-faced Wonder Horse (which only he could ride), aided by the boy’s other constant companion, Rebel, a German Shepherd dog. Light relief was provided by cowpoke Will Calhoun.

The series was created by singing cowboy star Gene Autry as a means of promoting his famed mount.


It was cancelled in the US after only one season and screened on UK television – where it was better known as Champion The Wonder Horse – from 15 July 1956.

Frankie Laine sang the popular theme song.

Ricky North
Barry Curtis
Uncle Sandy North

Jim Bannon
Will Calhoun
Francis McDonald
Sheriff Powers
Ewing Mitchell