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Cimarron City

1 9 5 8 – 1 9 6 0 (USA)

George Montgomery was both star and narrator of this saga of a boomtown on the western frontier during the 1890s.

Oil and gold had created a booming economy in the Oklahoma Territory, and Cimarron City had mushroomed into a sprawling, rough-hewn metropolis, with hopes of becoming the capital of the future state of Oklahoma.

Matthew Rockford (Montgomery), son of the town’s founder, was mayor and a leading cattle rancher; Beth Purcell (Audrey Totter), the owner of a boarding house; and Lane Temple (John Smith), the town sheriff.

These three – singly or together – were the focus of most episodes.

Dan Blocker, who later starred as Hoss on Bonanza, was featured as Tiny Budinger – a local citizen who often helped the sheriff in the cause of law and order.

Montgomery narrated the episodes from the perspective of an older man recalling the adventures and happenings of his younger days.

Matthew Rockford
George Montgomery
Beth Purcell
Audrey Totter
Lane Temple
John Smith
Art Sampson
Stuart Randall
Martin Kingsley
Addison Richards
Burt Purdy
Fred Sherman
Alice Purdy
Claire Carleton
Tiny Budinger
Dan Blocker
Jesse Williams
George Dunn
Dody Hamer
Pete Dunn
Silas Perry
Tom Fadden
Jed Fame
Wally Brown