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Cowboy G-Men

1 9 5 2 (USA)
39 x 30 minute episodes

This little-known and short-lived western series featured Pat Gallagher (Russell Hayden) and his sidekick Stoney Crockett (Jackie Coogan) – Government Secret Service agents in the Old West, whose authority superseded that of local or state law enforcement.

Together, Pat and Stoney – “courageous and resourceful agents for law and order” – worked undercover on dangerous special assignments.

Phil Arnold provided regular comic relief as a sometimes associate of Gallagher and Crockett – an actor and entertainer called Zerbo.

The series was filmed in colour (although it was broadcast in black & white) in a plan by the producers to be able to re-sell the show to sponsors once colour TV was introduced.

Pat Gallagher
Russell Hayden
Stoney Crockett
Jackie Coogan
Phil Arnold