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Dagmar’s Canteen

1 9 5 2 (USA)

Dagmar (no surname) was a voluptuous five-foot-11 ample-chested blonde with a thick Southern accent who could sing a little (a very little, although she did it often) but was mainly a sweet, gregarious “dumb blonde” comedienne.

Born Virginia Ruth Egnor in Huntington, West Virginia, her television appearances were mainly limited to variety shows (such as Broadway Open House) and, although her fame and career fizzled out near the end of the decade, when she was hot she was a LIFE magazine cover girl and one of the biggest stars on the tube.

Dagmar’s Canteen, a short-lived half-hour variety show set at a faux military canteen in Manhattan, was her only series.

Dagmar hosted the show, sang, performed in comedy skits, and flirted with the servicemen in the audience, one of whom would perform a number on the show each week.

She later served as a panelist on Masquerade Party.

Dagmar died in October 2001, aged 79.

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