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Date With The Angels

1 9 5 7 – 1 9 5 8 (USA)
33 x 30 minute episodes

Betty White starred as newlywed Vicki Angel. Her husband was insurance salesman Gus (Bill Williams). Together the pair would get their friends and neighbours into various comic situations, all of which – in true sitcom fashion – were resolved by the show’s end.

Natalie Masters and Roy Engle played neighbours Wilma and George Clemson, while Richard Reeves was friend Murph, Maudie Prickett was his wife, Cassie, and Jimmy Boyd appeared occasionally as the Angels’ nephew Wheeler.

The Chrysler Corporation was the show’s sponsor (future game show host Tom Kennedy did the commercials for the Plymouth line), but low ratings saw the show end its run in January 1958.

The following month, Betty White filled the time slot for Chrysler with a short-lived comedy-variety series which ran until April.

Vicki Angel
Betty White 
Gus Angel

Bill Williams
Wilma Clemson

Natalie Masters 
George Clemson

Roy Engle 
‘Murph ‘ Murphy
Richard Reeves 
Mrs Cassie Murphy
Maudie Prickett
Mr Finley
Richard Deacon

Jimmy Boyd
Nancy Kulp