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Dave and Charley

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Broadcast live between 11:30 and 11:45 on NBC on weekday mornings, Dave and Charley starred Dave Willock appearing as himself. Cliff Arquette was Charley Weaver, the senior member of the duo – complete with suspenders, ragged hat and glasses-always yearning for his “Mount Ida Mama.”

The two had previously worked together on a local Los Angeles show called Willock and Arquette (1950).

Dave and Charley did their level best each day to avoid physical work and instead sat back and enjoyed life.

The show was set in Charley’s living room, which was next to a railway track. An ongoing joke was the shaking house and twirling pictures on the wall every time a train passed by.

Other characters on the show included Charley’s wife, Berle; Mr Bixby, the man who lived upstairs; Wedgewood the newsboy; and Orlie Gibson who ran the railroad’s signal tower-none of whom actually appeared on camera, but were spoken to on the telephone or through a window.

Dave Willock
Charley Weaver
Cliff Arquette