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David Flame, Secret Agent

1 9 5 7 (UK)
17 x 30 minute episodes

Based on the series of boys-own books by Eric Leyland, this ATV series debuted on 21 February 1957 and starred John Fabian in the title role.

The first six-part story began when an MI5 agent was sent to Exminster to uncover the headquarters of a foreign spy ring. He disappeared mysteriously and David Flame was called in by Scotland Yard to unravel the mystery.

The second run of six episodes found David and his colleagues, Tony and Ginger, fighting the terrorist movement Hiraz (led by a character called The Ghost) who operated on the island of Jemel.

A final five-part story found David and Co on holiday in Spain where they found themselves up against an international crook called Korski, who was searching for ‘the King’s Ransom’, worth half a million pounds. But what was this mysterious ‘King’s Ransom’ and why was Korski so anxious to liquidate Flame and his friends?

David Flame
John Fabian