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Death to the First Lady

1 9 5 6 (UK)
5 x 30 minute episodes

This five-part drama series from ABC Weekend Television aired in September and October 1956 and was written by Peter Key.

Accompanied by his daughter, Kim (Maureen Connell), the President of the now powerful Pacific Federation (John Loder) is visiting Britain in order to sign an agreement covering the sale of a vitally strategic possession.

As his warship approaches Portsmouth, an unexpected reception awaits him.

Kim Abel
Maureen Connell
Tom Abel – President, Pacific Federation
John Loder
Bill Anderson
Dermot Walsh
Dave Craddock
Kenneth Hyde
Lancelot Jory
Ivor Dean
Arthur Jory
Diarmuid Kelly
Colonel George Jason (Internal Security)
James Raglan
Prime Minister Sir Robert Sturgess
Grahame Stuart
Foreign Secretary John Bridger
John Ruddock
Arthur Harrison, Chancellor of the Exchequer
John Miller
Giles Freeman, Home Secretary
Henri Vidon
Sir Roger Arkwright
John Chandos
Dervis Ward
Diana Hope


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