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1 9 5 8 – 1 9 6 0 (UK)

This quiz programme based on dot-to-dot pictures was imported from the US.

Each picture contained 50 dots and two contestants raced to guess the famous face to win the round, winning £5 for each dot not used.

The show was originally hosted by Robert Gladwell, and subsequently by Jimmy Hanley and then Shaw Taylor (pictured at right).

The show was produced in the Alpha television studios in Birmingham.

45-year-old sheet metal worker Henry Baker had millions of viewers gasping as his winnings topped £1,000 (he went on to win £1,280), while 19-year-old Tricia Ball (the youngest contestant at the time) and Madeleine Casket (who wore a series of beautiful saris) became viewer favourites across the UK.

The dot-to-dot pictures were drawn by Terry White and Charles Stewart who worked behind the screens, dressed in hooded black costumes so they would not be seen in the background (pictured at left and below).

The original American version was forced off the air after being implicated in the so-called ‘Quiz Show Scandal’ which rocked US game shows in the late 1950s.

It was alleged that certain ‘interesting’ contestants (those whom viewers liked and who generated good audiences) were given the answers to questions in advance so they could continue as reigning champions from programme to programme.