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Dr Christian

1 9 5 6 (USA)
39 x 30 minute episodes

After Paul Christian (the featured doctor on the previous long-running and popular radio series of the same title) retires, his nephew, Dr Mark Christian (Macdonald Carey), assumes control of his medical practice in the town of Rivers End, Minnesota.

The series opens with Dr Mark Christian reading a letter from his Uncle Paul:

“Dear Mark, this might come somewhat as a surprise. I finally decided to take your advice and retire, which means you’ll be falling heir to my patients. You may find that I’ve babied some too much and been too strict with others. I know you’ve long considered me a chronic meddler but it’s been my philosophy that a doctor’s responsibilities excel those outlined in the Hippocratic Oath”.

“No two doctors work exactly in the same manner. However, you know how I think and I know how you think, so I’m not worried. Mark, the reason why I worked for so long is to make sure you matured sufficiently to handle my patients with wisdom and kindness, I am now sure. With best regards, Uncle Paul”.

Dr Mark Christian
Macdonald Carey
Dr Paul Christian
Jean Hersholt
Jan Shepard
Cynthia Baer
Kay Faylen