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Easy Aces

1 9 4 9 – 1 9 5 0 (USA)

Goodman Ace and Jane Sherwood Ace had a long and successful history in radio. His character was witty and her character was batty. Jane was malapropism-prone, uttering classic lines such as, “Time wounds all heels,” “I’m his awful wedded wife” and “You could’ve knocked me over with a fender.”

After each of those, Goodman (Mr Ace as he was called on the show) would inquire, “Isn’t that awful?” Jane frequently uttered a very nasal-sounding, “All right,” in answer to Goodman’s questions.

The Aces also did many commercials together for companies such as Lincoln Mercury.

Jane had a friend named Dorothy on this TV version, played by Bette Garde. After the demise of Easy Aces, for all intents and purposes, Jane went into retirement, but Goodman had success writing for Milton Berle, Danny Kaye, and Perry Como.

He was also the writer and producer of a nightly five-minute program called Ruthie on the Telephone on CBS in 1949.

Years later, Goodman became involved with a Canadian sitcom shown in America called The Trouble with Tracy (many episodes were old Easy Aces plots revamped).

Goodman Ace
Jane Ace
Bette Garde