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Ed Wynn Show, The

1 9 5 8 (USA)
16 x 30 minute episodes

Elderly John Beamer (Ed Wynn) is a widower and retired businessman living in a small Midwestern college town.

Living with him are his granddaughters – young Midge (Sherry Alberoni) and teenager Laurie (Jacklyn O’Donnell) – following the death of their mother in a car accident and while their widowed father is stationed in Saudi Arabia.

Stories relate the kind-hearted John’s efforts to raise his slightly mischievous granddaughters.

At Laurie’s urging, John agrees to take in her college friends as boarders also, including one chimpanzee.

John’s friends are Ernie Hinshaw (Herb Vigran) and Mayor Brandon(Clarence Straight).

The series ran from 25 September 1958 to 1 January 1959. 16 episodes were filmed but only 15 aired. Sponsors included Bulova and L and M Cigarettes.

Wynn had started his television career with CBS on 6 October 1949. He next appeared in Four Star Revue (4 October 1950 to 20 June 1951) for NBC on a rotating basis. In September 1951, he debuted in Pet Milk All-Star Revue which ran until June 1952. He was then off television until October 1956 when he reappeared as a dramatic actor for Playhouse 90 in Requiem For A Heavyweight.

John Beamer
Ed Wynn
Sherry Alberoni
Jacklyn O’Donnell
Ernie Hinshaw
Herb Vigran
Mayor Brandon
Clarence Straight