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Electrode 93

1 9 5 7 (UK)
7 x 30 minute episodes

This ABC science fiction series starred George Pravda as Dr Quorum, Greta Gynt as his wife, Carol, and David Langton as Hugo Canning (who is also Carol’s lover).

Dr Quorum, a distinguished scientist whose clinic has become fashionable for psychiatric techniques, is conducting an experiment behind locked doors.

After the Doctor performs “Operation Q” on himself, he entrusts Hugo Canning with his secret – “Electrode 93” – placing himself under Canning’s power.

When Philipson threatens to betray Dr Quorum’s secret he dies – from an overdose of sodium amytal. When David Williams guesses the secret, he, too, is found drugged.

Despite the deaths of several men, Hugo Canning eventually operates on Cabinet Minister John Beddoes, and brings him, too, under the deadly control of Electrode 93.

Weird organ effects were provided by Andrew Fenner.

Dr Quorum
George Pravda
Carol Quorum
Greta Gynt
Hugo Canning
David Langton
Kate Collins
Jennifer Wilson
Dr Bill Herrick
Richard Bebb
David Williams
David Markham
Stephen Denham
James Thomason


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