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Faye Emerson Show, The

1 9 5 0 (USA)
22 x 15 minute episodes

Faye Emerson seemed to be everywhere on early American television. In addition to numerous guest appearances on fashion, quiz, and dramatic shows, she hosted her own 15-minute chat on a variety of nights in 1950, sometimes appearing on two networks simultaneously (CBS and NBC).

The format of The Faye Emerson Show was informal and gossipy, with Miss Emerson discussing fashions, the theatre and current celebrities and welcoming a guest from some area of show business.

Perhaps her most widely publicised contributions to the new medium, however, were the gowns she wore – her trademark plunging neckline was the subject of considerable controversy during television’s formative years.

From June to August 1950 Miss Emerson’s NBC series was known as Fifteen with Faye. She also hosted several similarly formatted local programs in New York, prior to and following her network run.

She went on to present a show for CBS between June 1951 and April 1952 called Faye Emerson’s Wonderful Town in which she spotlighted a different city in America, using musical, dramatic, and narrative elements to convey the flavour of the city, both past and present.

Guest stars for each telecast either were born in the city or had some strong association with it. In time, the scope of the show expanded to include interesting foreign cities, such as Paris and Mexico City.